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Name:Slash Scans
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Scans of male slash pairings from comic books and pointing out male homoerotic subtext
This community was created by a female slasher for (primarily) other female slashers. While we share interests with the general discussion community Dreamwidth user [community profile] scans_daily and [profile] batscans_daily and [profile] comics_scans, this comm is unaffiliated with the administration of those comms.

What is slash? Slash is homoeroticism, romantic and/or sexual feelings between two people of the same sex. While it refers to male or female pairings, this comm is focused on male pairings only.

Due to centuries of oppression by perverted heterosexuals, normal feelings for the same sex are disguised in media, or claimed to exist only as 'bromance'. It is often necessary to 'decode' media, in order to find the underlying homosexual subtext. Excerpts of sequential art popularly known as comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, and manga are placed here for analysis and comment, in accordance with local copyright law.

This community is unmoderated except for the following:


1. This community does not exist to explain or convert you to slash. If you insist on questioning other community members about their interest in it (Example: "Why do you like this stuff?") or in criticizing the very concept of slash, this community, or homosexuality in general, your threads may be frozen and, if a member, you may be suspended without warning for an unspecified time, depending on the degree of offense. You are encouraged to take that time to improve your self and your body of knowledge without pestering members of this community.

2. Posts must concern male homoerotic subtext. Because this can be subtle, please point out what you think is homoerotic about it. Any post that does not seem to be concerning male homoeroticism will be deleted by the admin immediately.

Examples: Green Arrow punching Green Lantern may not be immediately understood as homoerotic subtext.

3. Comments to posts will be moderated or not as the original poster desires. If you have a normal method of moderation please put a link or a brief description so there is some warning what offends you.

Example: Discussion rules: user="scans_daily" anti-oppression theory, lj user="ohnotheydidnt", unmoderated, cult of nice (no personal attacks!), Godwin's Law, etc.

Original posters may redirect inappropriate conversation or freeze threads at will, for any reason. Please state at the time that you are the original poster and why you are freezing the thread so there is no confusion.

Example: Your remark "Wolverine is stupid" is negativity not appropriate in my Cyclops/Wolverine post.

The Dreamwidth rules supersede community rules and posting on their server is a privilege. Likewise, the poster is responsible if someone uses their post for criminal acts. 'Harmful, threatening, abusive, hateful, invasive to the privacy and publicity rights of any person' may be reported to Dreamwidth by anyone. If you've been threatened, don't bother asking us to ban someone from this forum--take a screenshot (then right click, paste into any paint program) and save it as a .jpg. Links can be deleted or screened. Send it to Dreamwidth, and if you're a US citizen or within that territory, contact the FBI at or your local police.

Banning will not be used at this time. At present, it is only effective against that particular Dreamwidth account, not mailing addresses or IP addresses, or even secondary Dreamwidth accounts.

In the case of criminal activity, original posters may screen. DO NOT DELETE OTHERS' COMMENTS. That information is needed as evidence. You can always delete your own comments or posts, but if you abuse that ability to break the law and then hide the evidence, you may be suspended/your ip address reported.

If a post itself contains criminal activity, you may be told to edit it. If you do not do so within 24 hours, it will be deleted and a mod post will announce what happened. If the offense is serious enough, it will be deleted immediately.

4. Creators. If you feel a particular scan contains too much of the essence of a work and harms it's marketibility, please email the poster and myself to have that scan altered or taken down.

Please do NOT comment on posts about your own work. This forum is about sexuality and requires a level of intimacy to discuss the topic. An authority figure approving other's sexuality is creepy. Disapproving other's sexuality in a forum set aside for that purpose is inappropriate. If you want to 'meet the fans', please try a general discussion forum.

If you post your own work, the above rule is null and void.

5. What to post. All non-mod posts should include a scan. PLEASE include the source of your scan. A link to the company or artist or wikipedia entry would be awesome. Use cut tags for ALL pictures.

Example: (bracket)cut(bracket) body of post (bracket)/cut(bracket)

Do not post spoilers of stories that came out within the last 3 months outside a cut.

Do not post more than 1/3 of the pages of the story you are posting from, not the overall length of the issue or book. Stories that are only 2 pages or less may be posted in full. Using up the percentage allowed to be scanned means that another pairing may not be able to be shown, so as little of the visual content as possible is better.

Do not post parts of the book that have nothing to do with the forum topic--write out the exposition or context in prose form. If you want to post scans of non-male homoerotic material, please go to a general discussion community or your own blog.

Scans MAY be repeated, if you feel you have something new to say about them.

6. Due to tag trolling on Dreamwidth, tags will be controlled by admin at this time. They will be based on character names and pairings, so please provide the full name of the particular characters.

Example: Professor X(Charles Xavier)/Wolverine('Logan' James Howlett)
Green Lantern(Kyle Rayner)/Green Lantern(Guy Gardner)
Northstar(Jean Paul Beaubier)

Membership and posting moderation are subject to change.
Email badficwriter(at)dreamwidth(dot)org
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